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Het Nieuwe Schrijven

Het nieuwe schrijven consist of eight diverse workshops for secondary education (havo and vwo), modelled to the Bachelor’s degree programme Creative Writing at ArtEZ University of the Arts. Students will work on their writing under guidance of a young writer, poet, journalist or artist. The goal is a better understanding of the literary field, improving the students’ ability to express themselves and teach them the joy of writing. 

Creative Writing

The four-year undergraduate programme Creative Writing is taught at ArtEZ in Arnhem. The programme was developed by De Nieuwe Oost and opened its doors in 2011. Creative Writing students frequently perform with us, collaborate with our programmes, volunteer, provide (side)programming at our festivals or receive advice or guidance for their own authorship. A few of them ended up in our mentoring trajectory after graduating.

Lezen met de sterren

Lezen met de sterren is an easy accessible reading project for high school students. Advancement of reading abilities and joy are key. The project motivates teenagers (aged 12 till 18) of all school levels to read by putting them together with writers. The project consists of multiple editions revolving around one book and one writer. Every edition is closed up with a festive programme in the library during which the writer will be interviewed. 

Theatre Workshop

De Nieuwe Oost offers a theatre workshop for 12 years and up that teaches to access imagination and shows how to employ it as an actor. The workshop incorporates improvisation, games and conversations. 


For more information about Het Nieuwe Schrijven e-mail Manouk

For more information about Lezen met de Sterren e-mail Elke

Consult Evel for more information about the Theatre Workshop