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Continenten - Mart van Berckel

A picturesque, textless play about the madness of routine and daily life

Which secret desires hide behind our facade of daily existence? What happens when the outer appearance starts to crack?

In ‘Continenten’ we see the lives of two persons on the verge of imploding. A man and a woman try to persist their seemingly perfect lives and daily routines. However, dark and violent desires are seeping through the cracks. In between the four walls of the room the difference between man and beast is a very fine line.

Inspired by movie director Michael Haneke and painter Edward Hopper, director Mart van Berckel and scenographer Vera Selhorst create a magical realistic world with meticulous use of design, light, music and movement. An aesthetic, feverish and sometimes terrifying visual trip blending routine, dream and nightmare.


Concept & director: Mart van Berckel | Scenography: Vera Selhorst | Sound design: Mauro Casarini | Actors: Freek Nieuwdorp & Merel Severs | Dramaturgy: Florian Hellwig | Director’s assisent: Ruben van den Aardweg | Publicity photo: Victor Wennekes | Production: de martvanberckelgroep in coproduction with De Nieuwe Oost



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