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Dance Flavours

As a part of an arising dance community in Arnhem, we present you the 4th edition of ‘Dance Flavours Performance Night’, in which four makers at various stages of their creation process will present their work. This evening you have the opportunity to taste a variety of flavours of emerging artists in the contemporary dance field.

Dance Flavours is organised by Arnhemse meisjes – New Seeds and De Nieuwe Oost).

Pure Prime
In the work in progress of Pure Prime, music is the one and only way left to communicate. What does it mean to exist in a society which is very much driven by the individual way of living? Can music bring us together? By improvising in the studio with music instruments, the performers of ‘Pure Prime’ create a new way of dance movements. The language to communicate with each other in the performance is driven from music.

Choreography: Daniel Barkan | Music: Enrico Meyer | Performance:  Loris Casalino, Davide Calabrese and Gilda Cesario

What did you see? What did you recognize?

It’s like youtube ‘autoplay’, or scrolling down the facebook timeline, or zapping randomly through the tv program. In her solo performance “Brainjogging”, Saskia Rudat embodies one image after the other, changing quickly and unexpectedly, to create a chain of associations in the viewers mind.

Concept, choreography and performance: Saskia Rudat

This is Erol
“This is Erol” is a result of a collaboration between Victor Rottier and Zoe Gyssler dealing with the theme of comfort and how it relates to power. During a 2-month process we were elaborating our own comfort zones and were observing how they are influenced by introducing different elements of power. We didn’t use obvious elements like direct suppression or strict orders, but rather were more interested in the subtle outcomes of power: how do we deal with the simple fact of being observed, controlled or even judged by an outer force?
Concept & choreography:  Zoe Gyssler & Victor Rottier
Performance:  Zoe Gyssler, Victor Rottier and guest

Dance, Arian!
A contemporary dance/theater performance which experiments with the possibilities of theater expression through the technique of Breakdance. Without using special technologies, Arian is being reshaped. Through exploration of broken down shapes which come to life, his and the perspective of the audience shifts to explore the possibilities of changing perspectives. How can the body keep transforming into a series of fairy tale-like creatures?
Concept & choreography: Nika Jankovic | Performance: Arian Sajina

Live music (foyer): Anne Weggeman


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