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Literatuurnest is a monthly writers workplace. Without an office and colleagues writers barely get the chance to discuss their work. That is where Literatuurnest comes in: as a water cooler for writers Literatuurnest offers them a place to debate, collaborate and receive feedback. Without any pretensions, for everyone who loves to talk about texts.

Each edition we offer two or three writers a space to discuss a writing issue. They ask for tips, feedback or new inspiration. Everyone is free to propose something, and those who want to be part of the discussion are free to join. Our water coolers run in Utrecht (every second Thursday of the month), in Nijmegen (every third Tuesday of the month) and via Zoom (every fourth wednesday of the month)

In Nijmegen Literatuurnest is being organised by Chris Lomans and Aline Arts. In Utrecht Laurens van de Linde and Martin Rombouts run the show. Our digital edition is being organised by Sholeh Rezazadeh and Thom Wijenberg.



Want to be there? We appreciate a heads-up in advance. Contact Chris for Nijmegen.

Contact Laurens for Utrecht.

Contact Thom for our digital edition.

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