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Mind the Body – a physical solo performance about the conflict between head and body.

InMind the Body Anton van der Sluis searches in the extremes to find where the body ends and the head begins, and the other way around. The performance is a tragicomical struggle, a physical search for the connection between the two. An attempt of a man to embody his head.

Mind the Body originated from the desire to unite the rational head and the intuitive body. In this playful physical performance a man tries to comprehend the body and get rid of the controlling head. But what is a body without a head to guide it? And how does a head move without a body to carry it? In this wordless imaginative performance it becomes tangible how these two are connected, but also how our head can get in our way.

Maker & performer Anton van der Sluis | Dramaturgical advice Nick Deroo | With thanks to De Nieuwe Oost, Jakop Ahlbom Company, Loes van der Pligt | Images: Anna Franssen en Joshua Walter


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