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Mind the Body is a physical solo performance by Anton van der Sluis about the separation and the connection between the head and the body.

We could say we have two brains: one in our head and one in our body. The brain in our head tries to grasp everything we experience: it sets rules, it frames things, it divides. This is the brain we are mostly using in our day-to-day lives. The brain in our body on the other hand, has its own intelligence: it connects, it flows and it knows how to let things be so they can develop on its own.

Mind the Body is a playful physical journey of a man between his head and body. A search for the connection between these two brains. Because what is a body without a head to control it? And how does a head communicate or move without a body to carry it?


Maker & performer: Anton van der Sluis | Thanks to: Loes van der Plicht, Jakop Ahlbom Company and Academie voor Theater & Dans


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