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We spend so much time in our heads that we sometimes forget our legs. Yet they carry us and take us where we want to go, setting the pace and rhythm of our lives. In The Art of Walking three (singing) actors and an ingenious set bring legs carved out of wood to life. Accompanied by a taiko drummer, the actors perform a musical ode to our legs. Walking pace – from stroll to stride – determines the tempo at which the legs move. A whimsical ritual inspired by Japanese tradition, in which time is brought to a standstill.

Having proved his skill as an actor, puppeteer, percussionist and composer, Tim Hammer makes his debut as a director in The Art of Walking, staged by the Kameroperahuis production company. Presented in association with De Nieuwe Oost, the production is part of Tim Hammer’s talent development project at Kameroperahuis and Ulrike Quade Company. As part of this project, part-funded by a New Makers grant awarded by Performing Arts Fund NL, Tim explores a new form of musical object theatre inspired by traditional Japanese Bunraku puppets.​


Spelers: Johanna van Steen, Maarten Vinkenoog, Laurien van Rijswijk en Suzanne Bakker |  Regie: Tim Hammer | Componist: Rénan Zelada | Dramaturgie: Luc de Groen | Artistiek advies: Ultike Quade | Scenografie: Juliette Mout | Poppenmaker: Matt Jackson | Productieleiding: Hedy Legerstee | Techniek: Edwin Smits


Samenwerking van De Nieuwe Oost, Kameroperahuis en Ulrike Quade Company.


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