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Every year in the last weekend of November De Nieuwe Oost | Wintertuin organizes the Wintertuinfestival. A literary festival with numerous upcoming and established writers, poets, scientists, musicians and artists. They set out to Nijmegen and comment on the theme of that year. With fiction as a guide the festival navigates through our time. Together with the writers and artists we invite and our guests we try to read and understand the world around us. Every year the festival revolves around a different, topical theme. 

The Wintertuinfestival takes place on four consecutive days with a concluding festival night at the music venue Doornroosje. On the days preceding this evening several events take place in the city, like workshops in the local library or lectures in pubs and at the Radboud University. 

See for more information.


For questions about the programming of the festival contact Laurens

For questions about marketing and publicity send an email to Lisanne

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