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Anton van der Sluis

mimer & performer

Gifted physical performer starting to create own work

Anton van der Sluis graduated from the Mime School in Amsterdam in 2016. Since his graduation he has been working as a physically oriented, creating performer in various theatre and dance pieces, for e.g. Igor Vrebac (Macho Macho, winner of Amsterdam Fringe Award 2016) and Jasper van Luijk (Happily Ever After). Through the talent development program of Jakop Ahlbom Company Anton started creating his own work.

Anton is fascinated by the (im)possibilities of the body and the bodies power to trigger the imagination and tell a story. For Anton theatre and dance are ways to give shape to his sub-consciousness. From his fascination with the (im)possibilities of the body, Anton van der Sluis invites the audience to experience these separate parts and to feel how they are connected.


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