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Jan Terlouw Junior


Jan Terlouw Junior (1993) takes you into an alternative reality with his possessed jazz fingers and vintage soul singing.

Jan Terlouw Junior (1993) is a youngster who originates from a family full of writes and composers. With his band The Nightclub he tells a maniacal story through an album, a live show and a graphic novel. His possessed jazz fingers, deep electronic basses and vintage soul vocals take you into an alternative reality: a Sin City-like world with a 1920’s nightclub vibe as its backdrop. The featured characters from The Nightclub offer an uncensored insight in the mind of the self-taught musician and narrator Jan Terlouw Junior. In the completely new world of Jan Terlouw Junior & The Nightclub elements of the narrative madness of Eminem, the big band sounds of Frank Sinatra and modern electronics come together.

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