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This workshop is for professional dancers that have a maturity in this line of work and that are able to own their own process. Iris van Peppen is interested in the dramaturgy of somatics; integrating research on the bodysystems in (instant) composition. Pulse#1 is going to be performed in Dance Flavours Performance Night on 13th May. Aïda Guirro Salinas is dancing with Iris van Peppen | CO since 2015.

For the past years I (Iris van Peppen) have been working on the Pulse Project; within my artistic practice researching pulsing through the bodysystems of the Fascia, Arterial flow and the Endocrine. This resulted into the performances Nuclues, Pulse#1 and the new production Fragments of sky. For this workshop we will be researching vibration and resonance through the system of the Fascia. Fascia is a connective tissue and our number one sensory organ.  By touching the Fascia we will experience this network of communication in our entire body and beyond. Moving from this connectedness will give us an understanding of our communication and relation with our environment; an environment that is not separated from us but lives through us. Understanding the quality of the Fascia through our experience will give us insight on how we perceive and navigate in space and on our performative presence.


Iris van Peppen is a choreographer based in Utrecht. Iris is well known for her work with non-professional dancers, yet since 2016 she founded the professional company: Iris van Peppen I Co.  With this company Iris is making sensorial and sometimes disrupting performances on the edge of dance and performance, in which her starting point comes from the experience of the body through somatic.

“It’s a whole body knowledge, just like when playing the piano. Only if you pull the piano open you will understand how everything works.” (quote interview in Dans Magazine).


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