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Experience unbounded passion and ecstasy in OMG: the most colourful ceremony you will ever participate in. Five dedicated and passionate performers challenge themselves physically in search for ‘a higher goal’. Prepare yourself for bouncing bodies, trampoline jumps, seductive glances and endurance in a ceremony that will blow you away.

In OMG, physical theatre maker Igor Vrebac (Macho Macho, TRÆNS, HEROES) researches faith. Nowadays, what do we believe in? What role does the body play in togetherness and collectiveness? What happens when find the divine in ourselves? With shiny costumes by Mirte Engelhard and driving beats by Tonny Nobel, OMG brings no holiness, no sermons. What it does bring is an Oh My God-factor higher than heaven.

Previously, he created a triptych on gender. OMG is the first part of his new triptych Social Body Language, in which he explores how we physically relate to each other in these modern times.

Language is not a problem, your fierce flamingo (a.k.a. BFF) can join too.

The premiere of OMG would have taken place in the summer of 2020. Due to measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus the premiere and tour will be rescheduled to a later date. More information will follow.




Concept & maker: Igor Vrebac | Makers & performance: Inbal Abir, Nicole Geertruida, Max Laros, Anton van der Sluis and Ilija Surla | Costume & set design: Mirte Engelhard | Music: Tonny Nobel | Dramaturgy: Maarten Bos | Light design: Rob Daanen | Photography: Bas de Brouwer | Production: Stichting Igor Vrebac in collaboration with. De Nieuwe Oost | Partners: Julidans and Podium Mozaïek

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