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We offer artists a place to experiment and a platform where they can meet each other. We coach them in their development of an independent professional practice. The starting point is not the separate disciplines, but the ambition to create and the urge to renew. We think and act out of the box. .

Our artists are part of society. They provide workshops in refugee asylum centres, nursing homes and schools. We also organize artists’ meet-ups , open rehearsals, debates with scientists and community organizations. We publish books, release music and create, produce and organise festivals, shows and concerts.

We are new but not without history. De Nieuwe Oost was founded by three successful production houses in the East of the Netherlands: Generale Oost from Arnhem, productiehuis Oost-Nederland from Deventer and Wintertuin from Nijmegen. Together, we have a huge network and the power to do what we believe in : offer a place to out of the box and researching artists. Because they are the stuff the future is made of.

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Tim Hammer part of Puppet Playground

Tim Hammer part of Puppet Playground (Pop Arts Festival)

TAGS: theater


Brand new tour dates – Lowie van Oers

Lowie van Oers gaat met zijn voorstelling Over de natuur van de dingen op reis.

TAGS: theatermaker schrijver


Muziektheatergroep BOT gaat de poppodia in

Gewaagde overstap muziektheatergroep BOT, eerste try-outs zeer succesvol.

TAGS: Muziektheatergroep BOT


Chapbookpresentaties: avond van de grote beloftes

Op 21 april presenteren we in Nijmegen drie nieuwe chapbooks.

TAGS: literatuur wintertuin chapbooks


Merel van Slobbe wint tweede prijs in de Turing Gedichtenwedstrijd

'Als je stil bent hoor je in de verte gletsjers smelten' maakte grote indruk.

TAGS: literatuur prijs


Donderdag 1 februari, Livestream van Snareskin en Paul Fisko

Nieuwe Electronische Waar-artiesten Snareskin en Paul Fisko vanaf Luxor Live